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News regarding Home Care Packages (HCP) and reports of concerns by the community was widely circulated.

Was the Government’s response around concerns relating to what a Home Care Package (HCP) can be used for adequate?

In April 2023 there was a Webinar with a panel which included Julia Atkinson (Acting Assistant Secretary of the Home Care and Assessments Branch, Department of Health and Aged Care) relating to Home Care Packages and the updated program’s operational manual. Concerns relating to what you can spend the package funding for was discussed. 

Aged Care Crisis wrote a letter to state based health ministers, shadow ministers and other polititicians regarding privatisation of ACAT assessments, asking for their assistance in stopping this retrograde change from happening.  This is something that will affect almost all citizens over the years to come.  It demands debate in the federal parliament, in state legislatures and in public forums.  It should be a matter of considerable concern to the states.

Aged Care Crisis wrote an open letter to the Commissioner's regarding the minister's claim that the Royal Commission was supporting the privatisation of ACAT assessments. If true, this has major implications for the approach that the Royal Commission is taking. It points to a disregard of evidence and to important issues that are concerning for the community.

Update (14 Jan 2020): The Royal Commission responded to Aged Care Crisis, drawing our attention to their media release on ACAT privatisation:

Your email highlighted a number of issues and we will consider this information as a submission to the Royal Commission reference number AWF.600.01573.
We would also like to draw your attention to the statement made today on our website by The Chair of the Royal Commission into the Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Honourable Gaetano Pagone QC on ACAT privatisation.
Thank you for your ongoing interest in the work of the Royal Commission.

Yours sincerely,
Enquiries and Correspondence Team
On behalf of the Royal Commissioners
The Honourable Tony Pagone QC and Ms Lynelle Briggs AO
Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Author: Michael D. Breen

Sometimes what is missing is more important than what is sticking out like a sore thumb. In case you hadn't noticed lately politicians have been out to catch your eye, and your vote. Mostly they do this by offering money for what they consider you want or by offering money for what they are persuaded the nation needs. By the way it's your money they are offering.

Crisis is a word all too often thrown around in relation to the Aged Care Industry. Sadly the frequency with which that word is employed has been blunted and its impact on governments and the community alike is diminished. Descriptions of various crises in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) sink like stones in a pond of Government and communal indifference.