Inq = Inquiry; Con = Consultation; Corr = Correspondence; Rev = Review; DP = Discussion Paper

Date Type Title Contribution
2024 Con Response to Consultation of the new Aged Care Act (March 2024)

We focus this submission on five of the serious consequences of neoliberal policy and this market system for aged care.  We describe what is happening and how restructuring aged care as a centrally supported and mentored but decentralised community-led system could rebalance this failed market and address each of these issues.  We describe what should be done and included in the new act to make this market work.  Learn more

2023   Submission in response to the Department of Health Consultation Paper No. 2:
A new model for regulating aged care, June 2023
Submission:  A new model for regulating aged care, June 2023
2019 Con Serious Incident Response Scheme for Commonwealth funded residential aged care - Finer details of operation Submission: Aged Care Crisis332.53 KB
2019 Inq Queensland state based Inquiry into the Health Transparency Bill 2019 Submission: Aged Care Crisis
We addressed many of these issues in our submission to the Federal Inquiry into Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018 (The Sharkie Bill) recently. While the primary focus of that submission is on staffing, it also addresses the wider issues of accountability for outcomes.
2019 Inq Inquiry into Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019 by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human RightsInquiry into Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019 by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights Submission: Aged Care Crisis
2019 Con Investigation - Department of Health into Earle Haven

Submission to investigation into Earle Haven Retirement Village: Aged Care Crisis

2018 Inq Inquiry into the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018 Submission: Aged Care Crisis2.81 MB
2018 Inq Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Bill 2018 and related Bill Submission: Aged Care Crisis552.18 KB
2018 Con The draft Charter of Aged Care Rights Submission: Aged Care Crisis164.08 KB
2018 Con Consultation to develop the detailed Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (Sep 2018) Submission: Aged Care Crisis184.51 KB
2018 Inq Inquiry into Financial and tax practices of for-profit aged care providers
(Senate Economics References Committee)
Initial submission: Aged Care Crisis Inc1.34 MB;
Supplementary submission3.04 MB
2018 Inq Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia
(House of Reps)
Submission: Aged Care Crisis Inc (PDF 4546 KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 2069 KB) 
2018 Let Letter to Hon Ken Wyatt Letter to Hon Ken Wyatt, Minister for Ageing (27 April 2018)425.14 KB comprising:
a. Support for a petition for mandated staffing levels and challenging assertions.
b. Appendix 1: Criticism of government's proposed reforms because they ignore the problems in the system.
c. Appendix 2: Politics, Banking and Aged Care, describing the links between policy and the infective discourse in banks. 
We look at the unprecedented influence of the market on politics and then use agency theory to suggest a solution in aged care that might constrain both.
2018 Con Consultation: Aged care workforce strategy ACC Survey response199.58 KB - 16 Mar 2018
2017 Let Letter to Hon Ken Wyatt Letter to Hon Key Wyatt, Mister for Ageing (29 Dec 2017)332.98 KB Re: Clarification of pressure injuries prevalance in aged care and new developments
2017 Inq Effectiveness of the Aged Care Quality Assessment and accreditation framework for protecting residents from abuse and poor practices, and ensuring proper clinical and medical care standards are maintained and practised

Submission: Aged Care Crisis Inc1.33 MB
Attachment630.34 KB

Supplementary submission3.12 MB

Transcript: Public Hearing - 21 Nov 2017849.54 KB  (Adelaide, SA)

Related: The Oakden Report (SA Health), April 20172.74 MB

2017 Rev Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes

Survey response and submission2.82 MB to Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes consultation (24 Jul 2017)

Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes Report1.35 MB

2017 Rev Internal review: AACQA Report: External independent advice1.20 MB - Australian Aged Care Quality Agency - Nous Group, 31 Jul 2017
2017 Rev The Oakden Report: SA Health On 20 December 2016, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN), contacted the Chief Psychiatrist raising concerns about the level of clinical care provided at the Oakden Older Persons Mental Health Service (OPMHS). The CEO requested the Chief Psychiatrist undertake an external independent review of the Oakden Facility as a matter of urgency with the intention of providing a report in April 2017
2017 Con

Single Aged Care Quality Framework:

Submission: Options for assessing performance against aged care quality standards118.36 KB

Submission:  Draft aged care quality standards1.38 MB

2016 / 2017 Inq

Future of Australia's aged care sector workforce

2016 / 2017 Inq

Productivity Commission - Human Services

A public inquiry into the increased application of competition, contestability and informed user choice to human services.

Submissions: Identifying Sectors for Reform

Response to Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Reforms to Human Services draft report

2016 / 2017 Inq

Australian Law Reform Commission - Elder Abuse

2016 Rev Aged Care Legislated Review

Submission238.34 KB
Response to chair 581.28 KB following community consultation

2015 Inq Registered nurses in New South Wales nursing homes Submission No. 147 Aged Care Crisis
2015 Inq Elder abuse in New South Wales
2015 Inq Inquiry into End of Life Choices Sparrow, Linda and Taylor Judy (PDF 59.98 KB0)
2015 DP Increasing Choice in Home Care - Stage 1 - Discussion Paper Submission283.82 KB
2015 Rev Review of Commonwealth Aged Care Advocacy Services
2013 / 2014 Inq Care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD)
2013 / 2014 Con

Consultation paper on the streamlining of the Quality Reporting Programme

Aged Care Crisis Inc: Response to Consultation paper on streamlining of the Quality Reporting Programme522.78 KB (15 Nov 2013)

  • Exposure Draft Quality Agency Principles 2013
  • Guide to the Quality Agency Principles 2013
  • Exposure Draft Quality Agency Reporting Principles 2013
  • Guide to the Quality Agency Reporting Principles 2013
  • Consultation Paper: Streamlining of the Quality Reporting Programme


2012 Let Letter to Hon Mark Butler, 21 August 2012 In August 2012, we wrote a strongly worded letter to the then minister, demanding change on behalf of Australian citizens. In this we were very critical of the Productivity Commission's report 'Caring for Older Australians' indicating that it was making the situation worse. We set out a list of the changes that were urgently required if the serious failures in the system were to be addressed. None of them have yet been addressed.  This letter set out the reasons aged care has failed so badly and why it has deteriorated to the extent that we need a Royal Commission.
2010 / 2011 Inq Productivity Commission - Caring for Older Australians
2009 / 2011 Rev Review of the Aged Care Complaints investigation Scheme (CIS)793.15 KB

Submissions:  Aged Care Crisis Inc202.93 KB (26 Aug 2009);
J. Michael Wynne344.75 KB (31 Jul 2009);

Response to proposed Complaints Management Framework:
Aged Care Crisis Inc40.13 KB (25 Mar 2011)

2009 Rev Review of the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Process
(Department of Health and Ageing)
2008 Inq Inquiry into Aged Care Amendment (2008 Measures No. 2) Bill 2008
2006 / 2007 Inq Inquiry into older people and the law


2007 Inq

Inquiry into the Private Equity Investment and its Effects on Capital Markets and the Australian Economy

(Standing Committee on Economics)


Report594.32 KB

Senator Joyce's revised additional comments in relation to the report114.00 KB

2007 Inq Inquiry into Aged Care Amendment (Security and Protection) Bill 2007 Aged Care Crisis78.14 KB submission
2005 Con

Elder Abuse Prevention Project (2005)



Aged Care Crisis269.73 KB - submission - response to: Elder Abuse Prevention Project (2005) Consultation.

Report of the Elder Abuse Prevention Project133.08 KB (Dec 2005)

2004 / 2005 Inq Senate Inquiry into aged care:  Quality and equity in aged care

Aged Care Crisis708.83 KB (submission)

Sanctions and non-compliances

Sanctions and non-compliance information for Aged Care homes can be found on the MyAgedCare website: