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Dear Prime Minister, 

I have an issue with the situation I saw at my aunt's nursing home.  My elderly aunt had been there for a few months before she passed away in September. I found I needed to intercede on her behalf to ensure her wishes were respected as to how she was treated during her stay.

When Jane Seaholme's mother Phyllis moved into a nursing home, it was at her mum's insistence.  Ms Seaholme's mother soon realised that she couldn't stomach the food.   After Jane went public to media about her mum's experience in two nursing homes, she setup a petition to mandate staffing levels and skills. 

This is the speech that Jane presented to the Royal Commission's Community Forum in Maidstone, Victoria, on Friday the 3rd of May.  Jane has also made a detailed submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

“Oakden: A shameful chapter in South Australia’s history”

It has again emerged that neglect and abuse is systemic in the running of some aged care facilities in Australia. The publishing of the report, titled Oakden: A Shameful Chapter in South Australia's History, gives a damning insight into the treatment of the most vulnerable in our society. To make matters worse, this particular instance was in the duty of care of a government run facility. The ramifications politically will no doubt be extraordinary. But what about on the ground level, for those both providing and receiving care?