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The author of this article, Joanne Bryant, is an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse who works in various city based hospitals in Australia, as well as travelling and working in rural hospitals. Joanne is passionate about her profession, and concerned about the neglect of patients like Tom, and to point the finger at the deficiencies in nurse education which is compounding neglect.

In light of fresh allegations of abuse and neglect in aged care, we can only wonder why, in 10 years to 2015, systemic issues of elder abuse and neglect remain firmly entrenched in aged care.

My World Now: Life in a nursing home, from the inside: This is my world now. It's all I have left. You see, I'm old. And, I'm not as healthy as I use to be. I'm not necessarily happy with it but I accept it. Occasionally, a member of my family will stop in to see me. He or she will bring me some flowers or a little present, maybe a set of slippers - I've got 8 pair. We'll visit for awhile and then they will return to the outside world and I'll be alone again.

2012: How does Australia stack up?

The government appear to be far more concerned in placing aged care provider's commercial interests ahead of the interests of residents, or family members wanting to make informed decisions when searching for suitable accommodation for their loved ones.

This email was sent by a family member who wishes to remain anonymous. It needs no further introduction.

A while back, staff were called into a meeting, where staff were told that invalid/high care patients are to only have a maximum of 3 incontinence pad changes in a 24 hour period.