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This email was sent by a family member who wishes to remain anonymous. It needs no further introduction.

A while back, staff were called into a meeting, where staff were told that invalid/high care patients are to only have a maximum of 3 incontinence pad changes in a 24 hour period.

Aged Care Crisis spoke around their concerns regarding the protections around vulnerable residents in care at the Community Affairs References Committee - Care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia earlier this year.

They highlighted the inadequate protections afforded to vulnerable people in care in relation to the Complaints Scheme and the reasons for this in the following parts of the Transcript, below:

Community-care packages have traditionally been case-managed packages of services for older people requiring residential care but wanting to stay in their home. Since July 1, all new community-care packages in Australia have become consumer directed, which means that, within an allocated budget, the older person will choose the services they want.

VICTORIANS would no doubt have been as appalled as I was on reading in an April seniors magazine that one staff member had been on duty overnight to care for 50 aged residents in a residential facility.

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