probity - complete and confirmed integrity; having strong moral principles; "in a world where financial probity may not be widespread";
"he enjoys an exaggerated reputation for probity"

The concept of probity is a critical one. It is broad and cannot be defined within economic and managerial frameworks. You cannot specify it in terms of finance or management or even quality. It must be evaluated within a context of values and norms and it is relative. Any attempt to define it in watertight legal frameworks fails. What it is varies with where you are, what you are doing, what you plan to do and who is making the decision. That it does not fit neatly into modern legislator's patterns of thought does not reduce its importance. It serves to mediate service to the community against the self-interest of individuals.

Prior to 1997 nursing homes were required to disclose how they had spent the money given to them by taxpayers. They complained bitterly about this claiming that it was too "onerous" and "inflexible". They claimed it limited innovation and creativity. The Aged Care Act 1997 abolished all economic accountability.

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