Nursing home redundancies on hold

ABC - Gippsland:

Planned redundancies at the Domain Nursing Home at Sale have been put on hold after an Industrial Relations Commission hearing yesterday.

The company, Domain Aged Care, is making nine qualified nurses redundant and replacing them with personal care workers.

The company has told the nurses they can apply for the lower-paid jobs.

But Yvonne Chaperon, from the Australian Nurses Federation, says the company has failed to go through the proper process and is in breach of the enterprise bargaining agreement.

"They had to go back to the beginning and they had to write to all the employees and effectively been earmarked for redundancies, have to bring them in for interviews as well as writing to them formally and we as their representatives will be with them at those interviews," she said.

Domain Aged Care chief executive officer Barry Ashcroft says the delay will give nursing staff more time to decide if they want to apply for the lower paid personal carer positions.

"The staffing mix was incorrect before, it was one that we inherited. Most providers that take over a new aged care facility probably make changes within the first one or two months, we've taken 12 months to make those changes," he said.